È l’OXT un composto con proprietà anti-aggressive?

In document University of Groningen Oxytocin: the neurochemical mediator of social life Calcagnoli, Federica (Page 185-192)

I dati raccolti e presentati in questa tesi portano a concludere che l’OXT agisce come un composto anti-aggressivo, in concomitanza al fatto che l’OXT è in grado di intensificare il comportamento pro-sociale dell’animale maschio trattato. Questa osservazione, insieme all’efficacia del trattamento per via nasale, è di alto valore scientifico per una possibile applicazione clinica dell’OXT nelle malattie neuropsichiatriche in cui l’aggressività e i deficit sociali costituiscono un grave problema per l’individuo e per chi lo assiste. Inoltre, gli effetti pro-sociali visti a lungo termine dopo la manipolazione cronica, suggeriscono che con l’OXT sia possibile un efficace intervento terapeutico duraturo o addirittura preventivo. Questa ricerca sottolinea anche il fatto che la ricerca clinica e preclinica dovrebbe concentrare maggiormente l’attenzione sulle variazioni individuali del sistema OXTergico e sulle relative differenze individuali nell’espressione del comportamento aggressivo. Inoltre, il fatto che una ridotta attività dell’OXT centrale sia stata trovata nei ratti con patologia aggressiva similmente a quanto noto in pazienti violenti ed antisociali, dimostra l’importanza e la validità del modello animale utilizzato negli studi. In conclusione, questo lavoro di ricerca presenta l’OXT come un importante neuropeptide all’interno dei circuiti del cervello che regolano il comportamento sociale, e come valido candidato per successive ricerche che mirino a modulare i circuiti neuronali dell’aggressione tra individui maschi.




Writing this page feels like having found a refuge while still climbing the mountain of the

“Scientific Revelation”…I am not on the peak yet, but still, finally I found some beverages and a less steep path...hence, for the time of few breaths, I can sit and look beneath…

I see people, I read words, I remember episodes…I feel good, it makes me happy.

I would like to start with a big thanks to my promoters Jaap, Sietse and Monika. Your guidance, feedback and support helped me becoming an independent, critical, curious, and almost frustration-prove scientist. From our meetings I have certainly learnt that one can be on a good track even without having the cognitive feeling of it; that there is no good experimental setting without a clear rationale; that publishing is frustrating but it is also a great boost to face the next editorial notification; that no matter the species, statistics is not a tool to confuse clear results but rather a clear tool to make sense out of puzzling numbers. Thank you!

I would like to express my gratitude to the members of the reading committee – professor Van Dijk, Neumann, and Groothuis – for their revision and approval of the thesis.

Thank you, professor Neumann and Daniela Beiderbeck, for welcoming in your lab, sharing your knowledge and making our collaboration possible and fruitful. Daniela, thank you for coming all the way to Groningen for a microdialysis mission.

Thank you, Anton and Simon, for welcoming in Groningen and initiating me to science.

That Camerino-Groningen trip has been a mind-opening experience and has crucially contributed to the beginning of this current adventure. Simon, thank you for your dedication and patience in explaining and in understanding “my English”. I really enjoyed learning from your knowledge, motivation and cheerful attitude to science!

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Grazie alla mia cara Loredana Bordieri per la revisione linguistica e i quesiti concettuali da buona biologa.

The help of my students has been very precious! Thank you, Christine, Neele, Silvia, and Judith! Your scientific enthusiasm, curiosity and skills have contributed to our successful experiments, have rewarded our efforts, and have driven me towards further research questions. You have taught me the importance of communicating science, and you have challenged me in sharing passion and ideas. The biggest repayment for me is to know all of you being now committed colleagues. Wish you all the best in your career and life!

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Thanks to Jan K., Kunja, Krysta, and Jan B. from the University of Groningen, and Martina Fuchs from the University of Regensburg for pro-actively contributing to the realization of this work with technical help, wise patience, and desperate search of hidden tools. Special thanks to Wanda, not only lab-technician, but also lab-public relations specialist, personal belastingdienst assistant and housing consultant. 

A special personal and scientific acknowledgment to Betka and Judith, both passionate scientists, but mostly sincere and caring friends, and honorable paranymphs.

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Ceci, the lady of the many hopes and smiles! Quite some time has passed from that art.9 course where we met, and from that evening when we prepared a shelter for the night to your baby geese! Along the way, we shared dreams, adrenaline-driven moments, ups and downs, but no muddy walks have stopped us!


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Dall’Olanda all’Italia, grazie a coloro che ci sono sempre stati. Come non citare Andrea, con i suoi mille traffici nazionali e internazionali, a sfondo principalmente culinario; Federica, la compagna di dietetiche colazioni e aperitivi, nonché di saltarelli estivi; ‘Obbertina, immancabile vittima della nuvoletta fantozziana, ma impeccabile organizzatrice eventi e liquorista.

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E grazie a voi, famiglia tutta per il sostegno dimostratomi durante questi anni. Il vostro amorevole pensiero ha molto spesso annullato le distanze fisiche, consolato la solitudine, e motivato l’affronto di intrepidi viaggi di ritorno! Spero che le mie scelte future vi rendano orgogliosi, qualsiasi esse siano.

Thank you very much, Ulricha and Hans, for the warm welcome into your family, the lovely time in Sweden, the unconditional help, the crazy rides in the middle of the night, and irreplaceable supply of delicious Swedish delicacies.

“Galeotta fu la festa e il suo dj”. This would be the Italian saying that probably Sweden has emulated! Grazie Navid for believing in me even more than what I do myself! Thanks for the spark that you have lighted up in my life, and thanks for holding my hand in the darkness. Lust for our future together! …and now, in case you did not understand  Tack min kärlek, tack för att du är här för mig! Tack för att du färgar mitt liv och inspirerar mina drömmar. Tack för att du tror på mig. Tack min älskling. Tack böbö!

Grazie, thanks, bedankt to all the people with whom I shared even the smallest instant of this adventure.



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In document University of Groningen Oxytocin: the neurochemical mediator of social life Calcagnoli, Federica (Page 185-192)