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Academic year: 2021

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Author: Yuan, R.

Title: Impact of low-carbon electricity development on carbon emissions in China

Issue Date: 2018-05-17





First of all, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my supervisors, Dr. João Dias Rodrigues and Dr. Paul Behrens. Thank you for taking your time in each Thursday morning to discuss with me regarding my research progresses. The time you spent with me really provides me an new insight into how to select a good topic for PhD research and how to develop the PhD research project. I will never forget your constructive comments in my manuscripts, which help me solve lots of puzzles. Thank you for being so generous with your time, your inspiration, your guidance, and your trust throughout the years. It has been an amazing privilege to work with you!

I would like to thank my promotor, Prof. Arnold Tukker, to help me shape my exciting PhD journey. I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to work in CML which is surrounded by great talent and great supervision. I feel very honored and lucky to have a promotor who give me helpful feedback on my papers, and who respond to my questions and queries very timely. I am always amazed at the insightful opinions and suggestions you propose. Without your friendly assistance and innovative advice, my academic journey would not have been an interesting adventure.

I would like to thank my doctoral committee for your efforts to review my thesis and your valuable comments. Special thanks to the China Scholarship Council-Leiden University Joint Program for financial support.

Sincere thanks to Arjan de Koning, Liang Dong, Mingming Hu, Liangcheng Ye, Tao Wang, Glenn Aguilar Hernandez, Carlos Siguenza Sanchez, Laura Scherer, Carlos Blanco Rocha, Natalya Tsoy for your critical comments at the weekly meeting and nice talks after meeting. Thanks to my office-mates: Leon Hauser, Anne Uilhoorn, Bertram de Boer, Georgios Pallas, Yingji Pan, for your assistance and concern. I feel lucky to work in a wonderful office in which every member truly cares about the other. It is a pleasure to thank my other colleagues in CML: Susanna van den Oever, Joyce Glerum, Esther Negerman, Yujia Zhai, Guangchao Chen, Xiao Yunlong, Juan Wang, Zhongxiao Sun, Di Dong, Chunbo Zhang, Guiyin Wang, Qi Yu, Juan Wu, Weilin Huang, Jianhong Zhou, Daniel Arenas Lago, Angelica Mendoza Beltran, Roel Heutink, Henrik Barmentlo, Amie Corbin and Franco Donati for your kind help.

I would like to extend my thanks to my supervisor in Tianjin University, Prof. Tao Zhao, for your unwavering support and recommendation. Thanks to all my Chinese friends in Leiden and Milan. Zhengzheng Zhang, thanks for your company and encouragement.

Best wishes for your PhD study. Thanks to Xiaowei Wang and Mengdan Zhang for being my best travelling partner in Europe.

I must express my extreme gratitude to my family for your sustained love, support and inspiration during my whole lifetime. Special thanks to my parents for encouraging me to pursue my dream. Finally, thanks to my husband who I still have never met enabling me to focus on the PhD journey.

Thanks again for your help.





Rong Y, Behrens P, Rodrigues JFD, 2018. The evolution of inter-sectoral linkages in China’s energy-related CO2 emissions from 1997 to 2012. Energy Economics 69, 404-417.

Rong Y, Rodrigues JFD, Behrens P. Impact of non-fossil electricity on the carbon emissions embodied in China’s exports. Journal of Cleaner Production (submitted on August 2017, accepted with major revisions).

Rong Y, João Rodrigues JFD, Arnold Tukker, Behrens P. Impact of the expansion in non- fossil electricity infrastructure on China’s carbon emissions. Applied Energy (submitted on January 2018, under review).

Rong Y, Behrens P, Arnold Tukker, Rodrigues JFD. Carbon overhead: the impact of the expansion in low-carbon electricity in China 2015-2040. Energy Policy (submitted on January 2018, accepted).

Rong Y, Tao Z, Jing X, 2017. A subsystem input-output decomposition analysis of CO2

emissions in the service sectors: a case study of Beijing, China. Environment Development and Sustainability 19, 2181-2198.

Rong Y, Tao Z, 2016. Changes in CO2 emissions from China's energy-intensive industries:

a subsystem input-output decomposition analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production 117, 98- 109.

Rong Y, Tao Z, 2016. A combined input-output and sensitivity analysis of CO2 emissions in the high energy-consuming industries: A case study of China. Atmospheric Pollution Research 7, 315-325.

Rong Y, Tao Z, Xianshuo X, Jidong K, 2015. Regional Characteristics of Impact Factors for Energy-Related CO2 Emissions in China, 1997-2010: Evidence from Tests for Threshold Effects Based on the STIRPAT Model. Environmental Modeling and Assessment 20,129-144.





Rong Yuan was born on 25th April 1990, in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China. She took her high school education from Urumqi No.1 Senior High School during 2005-2008. After graduating with a bachelor degree in Beijing Forestry University in June 2012, she became a PhD student in Tianjin University in September 2012. From 2014-2015, she studied at Politecnico di Milano, Italy as a visiting PhD student. She joined the Department of Industrial Ecology of Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) of Leiden University in 2016 with the support of the China Scholarship Council. At CML, she undertook a PhD project on the application of MRIO models to analyze the carbon impact of low-carbon electricity development in China under the supervision of Dr. João Dias Rodrigues, Dr. Paul Behrens and Prof. Arnold Tukker. This thesis is the outcome of her PhD research.



Title: Impact of low-carbon electricity development on carbon emissions in China Issue Date: 2018-05-17... Cover designed by

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