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From stem cell to astrocyte: Decoding the regulation of GFAP

Kanski, R.

Publication date 2014

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Kanski, R. (2014). From stem cell to astrocyte: Decoding the regulation of GFAP. Boxpress.

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I arrived 4 years ago in Amsterdam: a new country, where I knew no one and I couldn’t understand the language people spoke. My first big research project was waiting for me and new friends were waiting to be made.

I had the feeling that everything would turn out fine, but who would have thought that it would have been such a great time! I had amazing years in Amsterdam: I learned so much and met wonderful people, both of which made me grow! I would like to thank all of you for that.

Elly: Thank you so much for being my supervisor and for helping me to develop into an independent researcher. You gave me all the freedom for my thesis and you were always open for new ideas. Your trust in my work and me made this thesis possible.

Miriam and Paula: You two were wonderful co-promoters. Miriam, thank you for all your support: You were always there for me when I was worried about experiments and you encouraged me throughout the good and bad times.

Thank you so much for performing the experiments for my revisions, without your help I would not be able to publish my work. Paula, I was always very impressed by your qualities as a researcher. Your smart ideas, your joy in discussing (not only) about Notch, and your work ethic are role models for me. Science lost a great researcher when you left, but I am happy you enjoy your new job. Thank you for your help and all the priceless advice throughout the years.

Dear roommates: How lucky can one be to have such great colleagues as you? You made this PhD into an amazing experience! Thanks for accepting me and my strict rules about talking in the office, exact eating times, and after work conversation topics.

Martina: I really enjoyed discussing all about GFAP with you. Your critical view on our research improved this thesis. Besides being a very responsible and dedicated researcher, you are an amazing friend! Our cinema evenings were so important for me: not only since we escaped our PhD lives for a little while, but also because we shared all our ups and downs in life! Thank you for your friendship!

Marie: Thank you for teaching me so much about science and people! With your passion, curiosity, and courage you are a great scientist! And you are so much fun: I can´t list all the great evenings and days we spend together but thanks for so much happiness!


Acknowledgements helped me so much with editing, designing, and discussing my thesis! I admire your social skills and I am sorry that science lost such a smart mind!

Thank you for all your support, amazing parties, and your tolerance.

And thank you girls for all the great trips together! Our different personalities together are the perfect combination for having a wonderful time!

Eloy: You are the only man that could survive and enjoy the time in our room!

You are a role model for me on how to develop as a scientist and I appreciate your (not only) critical comments on my work. Thank you for all the valuable input and insightful discussions.

Lana: Thank you for joining our room with your crazy ideas, your feeling for aesthetics, and your dedication to science!

Simone and Jinte: It was wonderful to have you as roommates in the beginning of the PhD. You showed us that it is, indeed, possible to finish a thesis, hard to imagine when we just started. Thank you for answering all our questions, again and again. Simone, it was an honor to be your paranimf!

That experience prepared me very well for all the future defenses!

Jeroen: You are last but not least in the long list of roommates. It was great to be a witness of the developing relationship with Marie in our room ;-) Thank you for all the fun times together and good luck in your new home, Sweden!

Oscar, I am so happy that you joined our group! With your singing, your honest comments, and just the way you are, you often made my day! Thank you for believing in me, bringing classical music to my work life, and for solid scientific discussions.

Jacqueline, I cannot thank you enough for all the work you still do for my revisions. Your years of experience are of priceless value for the lab. You are the most efficient and organized researcher I know.

I want to thank Lieneke and Willem for being such nice colleagues! Willem, thank you for tolerating such a loud crowd next to your room and for all the chocolates in the evening! Lieneke, you do a great job in the lab and I wish you all the best for the future!

Dear Andreas, Wietske, Emma, and Marjolein: thank you for all the hard work in your internships. You helped me to create a lot of data in this thesis! I really enjoyed working with such enthusiastic, motivated, and smart students. I look forward to seeing your future accomplishment and I wish you all success!

Elizabeth, Vasil, Stefan, Nitish, Kerstin, and Ruben: It was great to do a PhD at the same time as you and not far down the corridor: it was very nice to


share our experiences! Thank you, Nitish and Stefan, for all the discussions about cloning and viruses. Vasil, we had a lot of fun going out together with Giovanni, thanks for the great time! Elizabeth, you are a wonderful person with an adorable family. Thank you for cosy visits at your place. For Kerstin, Ruben and all of you: I wish you all the best for your future!

The NIN borrel people: The Friday borrel is such a great event, which I will try to invent in germany. We had countless nice evenings with great conversations and dancing, which ended in trying to get the last metro.

Thanks to all people, especially Marcus who had a lot of fun with us girls.

Thanks to all my friends in Amsterdam for supporting me! Manja, thank you for being my flatmate for 3 years in 3 different houses: that will be difficult to outdo. The trips with our boat (+BBQs) were gorgeous and gave me a real Amsterdam feeling. Mirja, you are a role model of a young, modern, women who can and will achieve everything she wants! And that with a great sense of style! Thank you for all the drinks in the sun and discussing life plans together! Martha, you are full of positive energy: thank you for sharing it with me! You often put my problems in perspective and I definitely couldn’t think of any of them anymore after going out with you and having so much fun!

Johan, thank you for being you: you are amazing!

Meine lieben Mädels Anna, Johanna, Bahtunur, Tugba, Gülden, Christina:

Es tut mir leid, dass ich so wenig present war in der letzten Phase meiner Doktorarbeit. Danke, dass ihr es mir das als echte Freunde verzeiht.

Wunderbar, dass unsere nächste Generation so gut wächst und gedeiht und ich freue mich auf die vielen schöne gemeinsamen Jahre in der Zukunft.

Thomas darf dabei natürlich auch nicht fehlen.

Susi, es gibt so viele Parallelen in unserem Leben! Schön, dass wir trotz der vielen Arbeit noch Zeit finden unsere Erlebnisse auszutauschen, viel Glück für deine steile Karriere!

Meine lieben Frau Doktoren, jetzt gehöre ich auch dazu: Sophia, Ich bewundere deine Energie und deinen Mut. Du bist eine hervorragende Wissenschaftlerin und eine wunderbare Freundin. Danke für all deine kleinen Aufmerksamkeiten, unsere gemeinsamen Frühstücke über Skype, and deine langjährige Unterstützung.

Katha, oh wie schön wieder mit dir in Berlin zu sein! So viel Feingefühl, Menschenkenntnis und Tiefgründigkeit zusammen mit purer Lebensfreude in einer Person ist einfach wunderbar! Danke für dein offenes Ohr, großartige


Acknowledgements Claudia, du bist ein ganz besonderer Mensch für mich! 10 Jahre einer wunderbaren Freundschaft verbinden uns: bei dir bin ich zuhause! Wir trotzen der Entfernung, denn verwandte Seelen kennen keine Grenzen.

Danke, dass du mein Leben so unendlich bereicherst.

Vielen Dank an meine Familie mit allen Onkeln und Tanten, meiner Patin und meinem Patenonkel, Cousinen und Cousins für das Interesse an meiner Arbeit. Ich gedenke in Liebe meiner Großeltern und meinem kleinen Cousin Deniz: er war ein ganz besonderer Mensch und sein Tod hat mein Leben für immer verändert.

Mein besonderer Dank geht an meinen Vater, meine Mutter und meinen Bruder Alexander. Eure Fürsorge, Liebe und der Glaube an mich haben mir die Kraft gegeben meinen Weg zu gehen. Danke für die Freiheit meine eigenen Entscheidungen zu treffen und für die Hilfe bei den kleinen und großen Schwierigkeiten, die daraus entstehen. Danke Mama, du bist mein Fels in der Brandung, du gibst mir Sicherheit und Vertrauen und die richtige Perspektive für die wichtigen Dinge des Lebens.




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