Amsterdam Data Science is looking for a Research Assistant - Artificial Intelligence

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Amsterdam Data Science Research Assistant Project 

Title: Measuring and Improving City Livability

Supervisors: Wouter Meys 1 , Stevan Rudinac 2 , and Marcel Worring 2 Organisa ons: 1 Ci zen Data Lab, HvA and 2 Informa cs Ins tute, UvA

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is a collabora ve ini a ve of the UvA, CWI, HvA and VU involving over 250 scien fic researchers. ADS provides a network to connect expert researchers from business, humani es, informa cs, life sciences and social sciences and ac vely promotes collabora on across disciplines, research ins tutes and industry within the Amsterdam region and beyond.  

We are looking for a research assistant (paid job)

Time: 1 day a week, over a 12-month period or 2 days a week, over a 6-month period

In this project we will inves gate how the analysis of open data, social mul media and par cipatory data can be used for measuring and improving the city livability. To get a be er insight into the ci zen needs, we will complement the official neighbourhood sta s cs provided by the local government with a collec on of neighbourhood-related social media posts. The textual and visual content of the posts will be used for automa c analysis of the sen ment in the neighbourhood. We will further inves gate which parameters of city livability can be derived from the analysis of open data and social mul media. Finally, we will study how the results of the analysis can be best combined and visualized to provide valuable insights. The research conducted in this project will directly contribute to Buur nzicht, a larger collabora on between the UvA, HvA and the municipality of Amsterdam.

The ideal profile for the Research Assistant will be as follows: 

- Background in Computer Science, Ar ficial Intelligence or Informa on Science - Experience with mul media analysis, computer vision or informa on retrieval - Good programming skills

- Experience with or interest in analysing urban issues

If you would like to apply (or have any queries) please send your mo va on le er and a copy of your CV to Wouter Meys ( ) and Stevan Rudinac ( ).




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