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Sjögren’s syndrome: new animal models and salivary gland therapies

Vosters, J.L.G.

Publication date 2011

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Vosters, J. L. G. (2011). Sjögren’s syndrome: new animal models and salivary gland therapies.

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Vosters JL, Roescher N, Polling EJ, Illei GG, Tak PP. The Expression of APRIL, BAFF, TACI, and BCMA in Sjögren’s Syndrome: Aberrant Expression of APRIL in the Salivary Gland.

Submitted for publication.

Vosters JL, Roescher N, IIlei GG, Chiorini JA, Tak PP. Local TACI-Fc Gene Therapy in Sjögren’s Syndrome-Prone Mice Reduces Auto-Immune Inflammation by Affecting the B Cell Compartment.

Submitted for publication.

Roescher N, Vosters JL, Yin H, lllei GG, Tak PP, Chiorini JA. Effect of Soluble ICAM-1 on a Sjögren’s Syndrome-like phenotype in NOD mice is Disease Stage Dependent.

PLoS ONE 2011; 6(5): e19962.

Roescher N, Vosters JL, el Saleh G, Dreyfus P, Jacques S, Garcia L, Giocchia G, Francoise A, Sibilia J, Tak PP, Chiorini JA, Mariette X, Gottenberg JE. Targeting the splicing of mRNA in autoimmune diseases: BAFF inhibition in Sjögren’s syndrome as a proof of concept.

Manuscript in preparation.

Roescher N, Yin Y, Vosters JL, Tak PP, Illei GG, Chiorini JA. Temporal changes in the salivary glands of NOD mice: understanding Sjögren’s syndrome.

Submitted for publication.

Yin H, Vosters JL, Roescher N, D’Souza A, Kurien BT, Tak PP, Chiorini JA. Location of Immunization and Interferon-γ are Central to Induction of Salivary Gland Dysfunction in Ro60 Peptide Immunized Model of Sjögren’s Syndrome.

PLoS ONE 2011;6(3):e18003.

Vosters JL, Yin H, Roescher N, Kok MR, Tak PP, Chiorini JA. Local Expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Receptor 1:Immunoglobulin G can Induce Salivary Gland Dysfunction in a Murine Model of Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Arthritis Research and Therapy 2009;11(6):R189.

Vosters JL, Landek-Salgado MA, Yin H, Swaim WD, Kimura H, Tak PP, Caturegli P, Chiorini JA. Interleukin-12 Induces Salivary Gland Dysfunction in Transgenic Mice, Providing a New Model for Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Arthritis and Rheumatism 2009;60(12):3633-3641.

Vosters JL, Baum BJ, Tak PP, Illei GG, Chiorini JA. Developing Gene Therapy for Sjögren’s Syndrome.

Future Rheumatology 2006;1(4):433-440.

Rentenaar RJ, Vosters JL, van Diepen FN, Remmerswaal EB, van Lier RA, ten Berge IJ.

Differentiation of human alloreactive CD8(+) T cells in vitro.

Immunology 2002;105(3):278-285.

Rentenaar RJ, Vosters JL, van Lier RA, ten Berge IJ. Detection of allospecific T cells by intracellular cytokine staining and flowcytometry.

Transplantation Proceedings 2001;33(1-2):426-427.




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