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Both supplementary tables are in the separate MS Excel file “Chapter 5 – Supplementary Tables xls”, which can be found at

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tpjmdsrjxn765dv/Chapter%205%20-%20Supplementary%20Tables.xls Supplementary Table 1. Annotations for genes differentially expressed between young and old females reared either in dry season conditions (dry season-specific ageing-related genes) or in wet season conditions (wet season-specific ageing-related genes). See Figure 4 in main text.

Supplementary Table 2. Annotations for genes differentially expressed between young and old males reared either in dry season conditions (dry season-specific ageing-related genes) or in wet season conditions (wet season-specific ageing-related genes). See Figure 5 in main text.



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In document Cover Page The handle (pagina 36-43)