Suitable for 12V normal lead acid, sealed lead acid, gel, AGM and deep cycle batteries between 14 - 225Ah and with 230VAC 50/60Hz circuit.

Preparing the battery

 Make sure you have a 12V normal lead acid, sealed lead acid, gel, AGM and deep cycle battery and read battery user manual carefully.

 First remove the caps from each cell and check that the level of the liquid is sufficient in each cell. If it is below the recommended level, top up with de-ionized or distilled water.

Note: Under no circumstances should tap water be used. The cell caps should not be replaced until charging is complete. This allows any gases formed during charging to escape. It is inevitable that some minor escape of acid will occur during charging.

For permanently sealed battery, it is not necessary to carry out the above checks.

 Cleaning your battery terminals. Take care to keep corrosion from coming in contact 1. Display

2. Control lamp | Green - Operating 3. Selection switch for charging


4. Control lamp | Red - Error 5. Main connection cable 6. Charging cable with adapter

7. Adapter charging cable with clamps 8. Adapter charging cable with Anderson


9. Hanging option 10. Safety precautions 11. Type plate

with your eyes.

 Be sure area around battery is well ventilated in charging process. When battery is being charged you may notice bubbling in the fluid cause by battery generated explosive gases during charging duration.


 Connect the positive charging lead (red) to the positive terminal post of the battery (marked P or +). Connect the negative charging lead (black) to the negative terminal post of the battery (marked N or -). It is important to ensure that both DC clamps are making good contact with their respective terminal posts.

 When using the ETM-TEC IMC8A as a charger for car batteries installed in the car please do not connect the minus „-“ directly with battery but on the chassis of the car. Please make sure that the AC plug is not plugged in. The power has to be disconnected. Please then connect the positive charging lead (red) to the positive terminal post of the battery. As a next step please connect the negative charging lead (black) with the chassis of the car.

 When you are sure the battery leads are correctly placed, connect the power cord to the power outlet. Once you have connected the ETM-TEC IMC8A battery charger to AC power, the power LED will light up. When connected to the rating supply, the device will reset itself automatically at the very beginning, and stays at standby state if there is no battery connected by the user.

 The flashing of the charging LED’s ”CHARGING” will now indicate charging (depending on the charging stage) or the permanent illumination of the LED “FULL” will indicate that the battery is fully charged.

Reverse Polarity

If the DC battery clamps are connected improperly to the battery terminals, the reverse polarity LED will indicate the reversed polarity. If this occurs simply disconnect the battery charger from the AC power. Connect the DC clamps correctly to the battery terminals. Reconnect the charger to the AC power.

Pulse rescue dead battery

When being connected to a battery and starting the charging course, the charger detects the voltage of the battery automatically and then changes to pulse charging mode

(recovery mode) if the voltage is within the range of from 4.5V±0.5V to 10.5V±0.25V for 12V battery. This pulse charging course won’t stop until the battery voltage rises to 10.5V±0.25V.

If pulse charging rescued battery over 7 hours the battery voltage below 10.5V±0.25V for 12V battery, the charger will return to Standby mode.

Once the battery voltage has reached the value of 10.5V±0.25V, the charger changes to the normal charging mode and now the battery can be charged up fast and safely.

Through this method, most of dead batteries can be rescued.

LCD display

Via the LCD on the battery charger you can see the charging stage:

Charging (12V/8A, 24V/4A DC)

When the LED “FULL” illuminates, the battery is completely charged. The battery charger now switches to the Trickle charging mode and doesn’t require your attention until the next time it is used. The ETM-TEC IMC8A battery charger will automatically maintain your battery.

Abnormality protection

Whenever appears one of the following abnormal occasions, the charger will turn off the electronic switch and resets the system immediately to avoid damage:

 Short circuit

 Recovery mode over 7 hours

 Bulk charging over 41 hours

 12V battery voltage below 4.5V±0.5V

 Open circuit

 Reverse connection of the output terminals

If there is no further order received, the system will remains in the standby state of power mode. Additionally, once reverse connection happens, the reverse connection LED will be on to indicate the mistake.

When charging is complete

Switch off the mains supply, unplug the charger, and disconnect the leads from the battery posts. Inspect the liquid levels in each cell and top up. If necessary, using the correct fluid. Replace the caps. Any surplus fluid around the cell tops should be wiped off (this should be done with extreme care as it may be acidic/corrosive). Where

appropriate, if the battery has been removed for charging, replace it and reconnect the cables.

1. Motorcycle charging mode 2. Car charging mode 3. Winter charging mode 4. Battery status display 5. 12V charging mode 6. Battery voltage display 7. 24V charging mode

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